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Social Networks Inventory Booklets (package of 12)

Social Networks Inventory Booklets (package of 12)

Color and black & white, 27 pages.

By Sarah W. Blackstone, Ph.D. And Mary Hunt Berg, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-9729579-1-x

These Inventory Booklets are designed to help professionals work with family members and individuals who have complex communication needs. Use this resource to help determine appropriate communication strategies and technologies for clients to use with their communication partners.

An assessment and intervention planning tool designed to help individuals, their families and professionals determine the most appropriate technologies and communication strategies for people with complex communication needs. Social Networks enables practitioners and researchers to collect information from individuals (children or adults with developmental and acquired disabilities), as well as their families and involved practitioners, about their communication partners and current modes of expression in a way that is both more systematic and more prescriptively helpful than the available alternatives. Firmly grounded in the principles of functional goal-setting and person-centered planning, Social Networks can help practitioners guide and refine the intervention process over time. Ultimately, Social Networks can help parents, peers and caregivers broaden the circles of friends and acquaintances around individuals with complex communication needs, and promote their confidence and capability in communicating with others.

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