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AAC-RERC Writer's Brigade: Frequently Asked Questions

The Writer's Brigade


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What is the Writers Brigade?

The Writers Brigade produces articles and other materials that explain the work of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement (AAC-RERC), while supporting the writing and publication of articles by individuals who rely on AAC. The Writers' Brigade project (WB) is a federally funded dissemination and training project within the AAC-RERC. From 2003-2008, it was administered by Augmentative Communication Inc. (ACI) and managed by Johana Schwartz. It is now managed by Pamela Kennedy through Penn State University. The AAC-RERC partners intend that the activities of the WB further the knowledge and interest of multiple stakeholder groups about current research related to AAC technologies and the work of the AAC-RERC.

Who is involved in the Writers Brigade (WB)?

Each year,  four to six individuals who rely on AAC are asked to participate in the AAC-RERC Writers' Brigade. WB participants work with Pamela Kennedy, the Writers Brigade Project Manager, to develop their ability to write in various styles to produce articles and other descriptive materials about current research related to AAC technologies and the work of the AAC-RERC, for publication in various media.

What are the responsibilities of each Writers Brigade (WB) participants?

Basic responsibilities include:

  • Writing, editing and re-writing assigned articles about various AAC topics related to research, development, training and dissemination.
  • Improving participants' ability to write in the styles of targeted publications.
  • Participating in occasional discussions about the writing process with other participants in the WB.
  • Providing feedback to ACI staff regarding the most effective ways to develop technical writing skills and support participants in the WB.
  • Providing the AAC-RERC with information about the productivity of the Writers' Brigade and its outcomes over time.
  • Responding in a timely manner to writing assignments.

Each Writers' Brigade works together for approximately one year and thus, will, no doubt, develop its own unique characteristics.

Where is the Writers Brigade?

The Writers' Brigade is a virtual project. All participants and staff use the Internet to share work completed on their personal computers. Pamela Kennedy uses email to communicate with Brigade participants on a regular basis. She uses the Writers' Brigade listserv to interact with the group from time to time on common issues and items of interest. The WB participants communicate via email, a list serv and FaceBook. Articles are exchanged using Microsoft Word attachments to email messages.

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