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ACN: Language Output and Uptake - Vol. 10 #2
(April 1997) This issue focuses on output (the quantity and quality of communication a child produces in natural contexts) and uptake (the extent to which language forms, in concert with other modes of communication, are understood by a child's caregivers and other communication partners).
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Newsletter Contents:

Clinical News-Supporting output and uptake
Signals & Symbols-Graphic, vocal and gestural modes
Play-Non-linguistic mode & intervention context
Speech Output-Synthesized & digitized modes
University & Research-AAC precursors
ACN: Language Input and Intake - Vol. 10 #1
(April 1997) The issue informs and challenges the field to pay more attention to the early language learning process, focusing on input (the amount and type of language a child is exposed to overtime in natural contexts) and intake (language the child is able to attach meaning to over time).
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Newsletter Contents:

Governmental-The intake's connected to the input
For Consumers-Language-based paradigms for AAC
Clinical News-Language input and intake in AAC
University & Research-Comprehending graphic symbols
Equipment-A tool for assessing comprehension

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