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Augmentative Communication News
Funding of Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) - Vol. 13 #6 & #14
(October 2001) This issue focuses on Speech Generating Devices (SGD's), funding for them and the new Medicare-related SGD protocol.
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Newsletter Contents:

Clinical News-Assessment protocol for SGDs
Governmental-Funding process for SGDs
Equipment-Medicare reimbursement for SGDs
Case Example #1-Person with dysarthria Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS
Case Example #2-Person with dysarthria Developmental disability (DD)
Case Example #3-Person with apraxia/aphasia Cerebral Vascular accident (CVA)
AAC-RERC-State of the Science Conference on Communication Enhancement
Progress within the AAC-RERC - Vol. 13 #4 & #5
(July 2001) This issue summarizes the progress being made within the AAC-RERC.
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Newsletter Contents:

On the Web-www.aac-rerc.com
Duke University-Duke projects
Penn State University-Pennsylvania State projects
Temple University-Temple projects
University at Buffalo-University at Buffalo projects
University of Nebraska-University of Nebraska projects
University of North Carolina-University of North Carolina projects

AAC-RERC   Adults   Children   Research  
Communication Performance Assessment (CPA) - Vol. 13 #3
(November 2000) This issue is about communication performance assessment (CPA) in the area of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).
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Newsletter Contents:

Expert Opinions-A consensus of experience
Clinical News-Use of CPA in AAC
Equipment-ADL in AAC devices
Governmental-Heads up!
Gestures and AAC - Vol. 13 #1 & #2
(January-March 2000) This issue focuses on gestures and how they can play many roles in enhancing the communicative competencies of someone who relies on AAC.
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Newsletter Contents:

Clinical News-Gestures in AAC
Case Examples-Carlos and Billy
For Consumers-Myths and realities
Assessment-Assessing gestures
Intervention-Teaching gestures
On the Web-Websites on gestures
The AAC-RERC-RERC projects: Year 2 update

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