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Augmentative Communication News
Talking Photo Albums - Vol. 14 #6
(November 2002) This issue provides information on the many low-cost, digitized speech devices that can help individuals with complex communication needs.
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Newsletter Contents:

Equipment-Recordable Photo Albums and other inexpensive, digitized speech devices
Clinical News-Using TPAs in creative ways
University & Research-Using TPAs as training tools
On the Web-Sites. Strategies for using inexpensive, digitized speech devices
AAC-RERC-Virtues of Virtuality?
Evidence-based Practice and AAC - Vol. 14 #4 & #5
(July 2002) This issue provides information on evidence-based practice (EBP) and implications for the field of AAC.
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Newsletter Contents:

Clinical News-Evidence-based practice: A next step for AAC clinicians?
On the Web-EBP websites
ACN Survey-ASHA SID-12 survey on EBP
AAC-RERC-The evidence: Organizing language in AAC technologies for young children
University/Research-EBP: An illustration
In Review-In press: Books on EBP
Developmental Apraxia of Speech - Vol. 14 #2 & #3
(December 2001) This issue considers what we know and don't know about children with developmental apraxia of speech (DAS), and the role that AAC techniques play in helping these children communicate more effectively.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers-Developmental apaxia of speech
On the Web-Information sources for parents and professionals
Clinical News-Differential diagnosis: DAS and phonologic delay
Case Example-An AAC program for children with DAS
University & Research-Three empirical studies
The AAC-RERC-Across space and time: 2002 Interactive Lecture Series in AAC

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