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Augmentative Communication News
Funding - Vol. 18 #4
(December 2006) This issue focuses on government funding for AAC devices around the world, and gives information about ten U.S. funding sources.
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Newsletter Contents:

Clinical News: Ten U.S. Funding Programs
On the Web: www.AACFundingHelp.com
Governmental: Funding Around the World
References & Resources
Modeling use of AAC - Vol. 18 #3
(September 2006) This issue focuses on the affects of modeling behavior. Modeling is not just a matter of imitation, but often is an intentional instructional strategy, and this kind of instruction plays a crucial role for many individuals learning augmentative and alternative communication skills.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers: Seeing is believing
Clinical News: The role of modeling in AAC
Types of Modeling: Approaches to AAC instruction
University & Research: The effects of modeling aided AAC
Training Partners: Learning more about what to do
AAC-RERC: Announcing the ACETS Training Guide
Resources & References
False Beliefs and Misconceptions about AAC - Vol. 18 #2
(June 2006) This issue addresses some of the misconceptions people have about AAC and provides information that can be used to respond to the frequently expressed concerns of family members and professionals.
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Newsletter Contents:

Young Children: False beliefs, widely held
Adults with Acquired Disabilities: Myths and misconceptions
Equipment: It ain't necessarily so
On the Web: AT/AAC enABLES
References & Resources
State of the Science Conference (SOSC) - Vol. 18 #1
(April 2006) This issue highlights content from six AAC-RERC SOSC presentations and some of the wide-ranging discussions that followed each presentation.
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Newsletter Contents:

Principles: Blackstone, Williams and Wilkins
Access to AAC: Shane, Higginbotham, Russell and Caves
Inter-connectivity: DeRuyter and Caves
Beginning Communicators: Light and Drager
Adolescents/Adults with Developmental Disabilities: McNaughton and Bryen
Adults with Acquired Disabilities: Beukleman, Fager and Ball
Resources & References

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