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Augmentative Communication News
Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs) - Vol. 19 #4
(December 2007/January 2008) Call to action for people who rely on AAC to have disaster plans in place. This issue gives resources and information to be prepared.
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Newsletter Contents:

Complex humanitarian emergencies (CHEs)
World disasters and humanitarian emergencies: Unheard voices

Perspective: Person with CCN
Next time, I'll be ready

Perspective: Family
A Gulf family's odyssey

Perspective: Educator
Rebuilding an infrastructure

Some "need to knows"

Resources & References
AAC research and development: Having an impact - Vol. 19 #3
(October-November 2007) Considers the potential impact of research and development (R&D) activities funded through the RERC on Communication Enhancement, known as the AAC-RERC. We site examples of how, over the past nine years, the knowledge gleaned from AAC-RERC projects has influenced the design of speech generating devices (SGDs) and, in so doing, the lives of people with CCN.
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Newsletter Contents:

University & Research
AAC research and development: Having an impact

Case Example #1
AAC technologies for beginning communicators

Case Example #2
AAC technologies for people with aphasia and traumatic brain injury

Case Example #3
Literacy and AAC

Resources & References
Digitized Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) - Vol. 19 #2
(July 2007) Focuses on digitized speech devices, which range in size, shape, cost and complexity.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers
Using digitized SGDs

Types of digitized SGDs

On the Web
AAC TechConnect

Clinical News
SGDs and young children: Rethinking basic assumptions

Webcasts on AAC technologies and young children

Resources & References
AAC for adults with acute and chronic medical conditions - Vol. 19 #1
(February 2007) Describes the use of AAC approaches and related assistive technologies (AT) by people who acquire severe communication impairment as a result of disease or injuries during adolescence or adulthood.
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Newsletter Contents:

AAC in the ICU
Based on chapter two by Garrett, Hepp, Costello & Fried-Oken2

Brainstem Impairment
Based on chapter three by Culp, Beukelman & Fager14

Traumatic Brain Injury
Based on chapter five by Fager, Doyle & Karantounis22

Spinal Cord Injury
Based on chapter four by Britton & Baarslag-Benson30

Based on chapter eight by Bourgeois & Hickey36

MS, PD, and HD
Based on chapter ten by Yorkston & Beukelman43

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