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Augmentative Communication News
AAC after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - Vol. 2 #6
(11/30/1989) The primary focus of this issue is the role of AAC in the lives of individuals who have sustained severe brain injuries as a result of a trauma.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers - Life after brain injury is never the same...
Clinical News - AAC's role in recovery from TBI: Issues and practices
Equipment - The role communication aids play
Governmental - Glimpse of Down Under: Part 1, New Zealand (NZ)
University and Research - The Assistive Device Center: California State University-Sacramento
Integration of People who use AAC - Vol. 2 #5
(September 1989) This issue focuses on integrating AAC users into our educational system, the world of work, our communities, and the mainstream of society.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers - Making integration the only option
Clinical News - Making integration work in the real world
Equipment - The role technology plays in integration
Governmental - U.S. Law: Insuring an individual's right to integration
University and Research - The State University of New York at Buffalo
Visual Scanning - Vol. 2 #4
(July 1989) This issue focuses on Visual Scanning. How able-bodied humans "learn complex motor skills" and how this relates to those attempting to develop visual scanning techniques.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers - How humans develop skills: Information processing and visual scanning
Clinical News - Considerations for training visual scanning techniques
Equipment - "You say regular; they say automatic" Let's call the whole thing scanning!
Governmental - Updating the Tech Bill: The ball is in Washington's court
University and Research - Sweden: Current research & development activities
AAC Programs and Interventions - Vol. 2 #3
(May 1989) This issue focuses on the need for governmental funding of AAC services and technologies and addresses "cost benefit" issues.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers - Decreasing handicaps: It's all in the attitude
Clinical News - Measuring the effectiveness of individual interventions and AAC programs
University and Research - Trace Research & Development Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Equipment - The communication aids manufacturing process: A Human Factors problem
Governmental - From the top: Public law and public policy

Advocacy   Policy   Research   Technology  
Apraxia: In Search of Better Solutions - Vol. 2 #2
(March 1989) This issue focuses on important issues and controversies surrounding "Ambulatory individuals" with apraxia of speech (DAS).
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers - Individuals with Developmental Apraxia of Speech (DAS)
Clinical News - Issues Affecting Clinical Practice
University and Research - The University of Minnesota's Augmentative Communication Program
Equipment - Communication Aids and Applications for Ambulatory Individuals
Governmental - "Life After 21" Regional Information Exchange Programs in U.S.
Reading, Writing and Reasoning - Vol. 2 #1
(January 1989) This issue highlights literacy, a topic that is receiving attention not only in AAC, but throughout the world.
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Newsletter Contents:

Clinical News - Literacy development & remediation in AAC: Scratching the Surface
For Consumers - Reports from families and consumers
Equipment - Software and materials for literacy development and/or remediation
University and Research - Micro-computer Centre at the University of Dundee in Scotland
Governmental - As Washington turns...

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