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AAC in Today's Classrooms - Vol. 20 #4
(December 2008) This newsletter identifies principles and strategies that can help children with complex communication needs (CCN) succeed in their classrooms. It explores basic principles for serving students with CCN in our schools.
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Newsletter Contents:

Clinical News: Principles for classrooms with students who use AAC
For Consumers: Classroom strategies: Dos and dont's
University Research: Practically Speaking
AAC-RERC: The Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) curriculum
Resources & References
Communication Access for People with Complex Communication Needs - Vol. 20 #3
(September 2008) This issue seeks to expand the boundaries of our thinking about the rights of people with complex communication needs (CCN). Without the right to communication access, there is no equality for people with CCN and too few are included in their communities.
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Newsletter Contents:

Clinical News: Communication access for people who rely on AAC
Governmental: The UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities
For Consumers: Communication assistants: Human supports for communication access
AAC-RERC: The Human Element
Resources & References
Emerging AAC - Vol. 20 #1 & #2
(June 2008) This issue focuses on ways each of us can support our colleagues who are in the early stages of developing AAC resources in their cities, states and nations.
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Newsletter Contents:

University & Research: Getting started in emerging AAC areas: What do we know?
Clinical News: The Bridge School Teacher-in-Residence Program
Governmental: ISAAC's EAN committee and Build-AAC project
AAC-RERC: AAC-RERC Webcast Series: Educating through consumer appeal
Resources & References

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