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Augmentative Communication News
AAC with People on Trachs and Mechanical Ventilators - Vol. 5 #6
(November 1992) This issue discusses the use of AAC with people on trachs and ventilators
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers-Snapshots of four people dependent on trachs and ventilators
Clinical News-Service delivery considerations:ICUs, ventilators & trachs for adults and children
Equipment-Equipment options: Speech and non-speech AC devices
Governmental-Practices in Eastern Europe: Observations from Carolyn Watkins
University & Research-The Rehabilitation Engineering Center, Children's Hospital at Stanford
Hearing and Listening - Vol. 5 #5
(September 1992) This issue focuses on the importance of considering the status of hearing and listening for each individual who uses AAC techniques.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers-Consideration of hearing and listening for persons who use AAC techniques
Equipment-Beyond hearing aids: Assistive listening devices
Clinical News-Strategies for enhancing hearing and listening
Governmental-Americans with Disabilities Act Titles II and III: Implications for people with communication problems
University & Research-What AAC manufacturers could do to enhance listening
Language - Vol. 5 #4
(July 1992) This issue focuses on language and the language learning process.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers-AAC and the language learning process: Issues and Concerns
Clinical News-Master clinicians' and researchers' views on the AAC language learning process
International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC): An umbrella organization
Equipment-Materials for facilitating language learning a la Musselwhite
University and Research-1992 ISAAC Research Symposium: Proceedings for all

Children   Clinical issues   Research  
Abandonment of Equipment - Vol. 5 #3
(May 1992) This issue advocates for taking a "mindful" approach to the "widespread anecdotal reports of consumer dissatisfaction and the frequent abandonment of prescribed technological solutions" and look beyond the surface to explain how and why people may use AAC equipment over time.
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Newsletter Contents:

For Consumers - Abandonment of assistive technology: What consumers know and professionals need to find out
Clinical News - Assistive technology selection: Making it a consumer responsive process
Equipment - Performance evaluations: What's it all about?
Governmental - Some do it! Protecting consumers
University and Research - Request REC Equipment Evaluation and other projects National Rehabilitation Hospital
Speech Recognition Systems - Vol. 5 #1 & #2
(January 1992) This issue highlights the use of speech recognition systems for persons with complex communication needs
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Newsletter Contents:

Equipment - The ABC's of Speech recognition systems
For Consumers - Applications of Speech recogntion for persons with disabilities
Clinical News - More about applications for persons with speech impairments
University and Research - Research priorities. Where will they lead?
Governmental - Priorities for the 1990s: Resolve to make a difference!

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