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Social Networks: A Communication Inventory for Individuals with Complex Communication Needs and their Communication Partners. Written by Sarah Blackstone and Mary Hunt Berg. Revised version 2012, by Attainment Company

Social Networks Books


The Social Network Package is an assessment and intervention planning tool. The Manual and Inventory Booklet are designed to help professionals work with family members and individuals who have complex communication needs. Use this resource to help determine appropriate communication strategies and technologies for clients to use with their communication partners. 


The Introductory Package  Includes 1 Manual (in full color), 1 Inventory Booklet (black and white), Win/Mac CD with PDF and customizable Word document, and a DVD.

The Caseload Pakage Includes 1 Manual (in full color), 12 Inventory Booklets (black and white), Win/Mac CD with PDF and customizable word document, and a DVD.

This program is designed to help professionals work with family members and individuals with complex communication needs to determine the most appropriate technologies and communication strategies for communication with partners in various contexts.

Social Networks Video or DVD

Social Networks Video & DVD


The Social Networks DVD includes the video (see below), plus a presentation by Michael B. Williams, the multi-modalities manual and interview with Elisa Kingsbury, including tips for administering Social Networks, and a linguist's perspective on using Social Networks with people with aphasia, by David P. Wilkins.

The Social Networks Video features five individuals with complex communication needs and their social networks. The video depicts how Social Networks helps your team set goals, measure outcomes, make transition plans, and prepare IEPs and IPPs. The video will also help your team make sound assistive technology decisions. Additional presentations include clinician tips for administering Social Networks.


Social Networks Frequently Asked Questions

Example of Clinical use of Social Networks

Mr. R: A Person with Aphasia by Juli Trautman Pearson


To date, we are granted permission (without cost) for the Social Networks Manual and Inventory booklet to be translated into several languages, including Catalan, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Most are now available. For more information, contact Sarah Blackstone at 

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